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Prepaid Visa Cards, easy to recharge, simple to manage.

Santripe allows you to control who can charge your cards and how much. Create virtual payment cards for one-time purchases or subscriptions, Payrolls and Expenses management.

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Why Santripe

Transact Seamlessly.

Create a Spend Limits on your cards to block hidden fees and double charges on recurring expenses. If a transaction goes over the limit, it will automatically decline.

Expenses and Payroll Solutions

Employee Salaries, wadges and Expenses can be paid in minutes .

No more out-of-policy expenses, delayed wadges and salary payments. No more waiting to be reimbursed. Just secure our cards that keep spending and payrolls in check.

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For Personal Use

Indviduals can use santripe as a spending tool for both online and ATM cash transactions by creating visa cards in our mobile application.

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what you get

Benefits Of Santripe

Santripe is for everyone, no bank account needed, no minimum salary, no minimum balance, no post-dated cheques, no paperwork, and no branch visit.


Keep your payments protected with advanced data encryption

5-Star Support

Get help whenever you need it from our friendly chat support agents


Take advantage of excellent exchange rates


Use our cards across 50+ million stores and 76+ million ATMs worldwide.


Most common questions we get about Santripe

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Is Santripe For Indvidual Consumers or Businesses?

Santripe serves both indviduals and businesses through the different channels ie. Our Mobile Application For Consumers and our business solutions for businesses.

How do I use a card issued from santripe?

Santripe Issued Cards can be used for online transactions with merchants that accept Visa or US Virtual Cards. To transact using a Santripe Card, select the card you’d like to use and the card information will appear. then enter it on the website you are making your payment at. Santripe cards can also be used at ATMs that accept visa to withdraw cash.

Santripe - Send

Lightning-fast, Secure Money Transfers.

Ontop of our seamless card issuing platform, you enjoy free and cheap transfers and the lowest cross-border rates. More money stays in your pocket, and more arrives in theirs.

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