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Send Money In Less than 48 Hours

Send money to friends and family in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and Africa at affordable rates. We aim to drive the cost of payments to zero.

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Product Features

Very flexible options

Low Exchange Rates

Exchange at the best possible rates. We offer one of the best currency exchange rates in World by volume.

Lightning Fast

Send Money Directly to Bank Accounts and Mobile Wallet Accounts in All Over The World in less Than 48 Hours.

24/7 Support

Our phone and email lines are open 24/7 in multiple languages should you need it.

Send Money Directly to Another Card

Fast and Secure.

Send money fast, secure, with convenience globally. Experience seamless and real-time transactions, allowing individuals only to transfer funds directly to eligible Visa cards.

Whether it's sending money to family, or settling expenses, santripe simplifies the process, providing a reliable and efficient solution for instant money transfers.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible to use this service?

Currently the santripe to card transfer services are eligible for individuals only after a Tier 1 - 3 KYC process.

NOTE: Santripe can only send to cards but not able to recieve on santripe issued cards.

We are working on the recieving ability, and will be available soon.

What are the requirements to get started as an individual?

  1. National Issued Identification document ( Passport or National ID )
  2. Proof of Physical Possesion of the ID document.

What if i want to use it for my business?

Write to us on With your use case, then our AML and compliance Officers will review your request.

Santripe - Transfers

Lightning-fast, Secure Money Transfers.

Ontop of our seamless card issuing platform, you enjoy free and cheap transfers and the lowest cross-border rates. More money stays in your pocket, and more arrives in theirs.

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